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Running With Fabric!

What is Frond?

by sarahgustason

What is Frond?  Frond is a new and different way to think about fabrics.  We are the only company where the fabric starts with original hand generated art.  What does that mean?  It means our bold and beautiful designs come from the heart and soul of artist who express themselves in paint and ink and watercolor and sometimes even sharpie markers and collage.


Here is a little sneak peek into the world of Frond Fabrics that Stephanie and I filmed last year at Bernina University.



Beyond the unique way we design fabric there is the unconventional way we run our company.  We are a small group of women who run the company.  There are 11 of us who do everything from handling orders to customer service, keeping the books, communicating with distributors and reps, making quilts, cutting kits and oh yeah designing fabric.


Thank you for supporting original art in fabric.

A Sneak Peak For All…

by Frond Design Studios

We had a great Saturday here at DelveMIY and are in the process of having a great Monday.  Yes, you read that right… a great Monday.🙂

But I’ve been feeling a little guilty about only sharing the sneak peak of some of our new collections with folks who have stopped in.  So, I’ve decided to give everyone a sneak peak.

Please welcome Stephanie Brandenburg’s Backyard Nature Study, Melissa Marie Collins’ Discovery Tree, and Stephanie Brandenburg’s Jardiniere to the Frond Family of Art Fabrics.  Are they gorgeous or what!!!?!!!


We’ve also got production yardage in of my newest collection Genesis, and I’m having such a fun time working with it! Today I’m reviving one of my older patterns, Stepping Stones.  It lends itself really well to this collection.  Of course my cuts look like my Between The Lines pattern, but that’s how Stepping Stones starts out.

I’ve also got about 3 or 4 new designs floating around in my head.  So many ideas, so little time!🙂


Rose Craig
Designer, Frond Design Studios

Into Focus

by Frond Design Studios

Frond-66 web_Fotor_Collage_Fotor

Sumi-é Cape

This is our latest collection, Sumi-é by Karen Kurka Jensen. This is the actual technique of brush painting with ink, then turned into 100% cotton fabric. We are so proud to have Karen’s work represented here at Frond. The cape is a beautiful pattern we adapted using vintage buttons and quilting the fabric first then putting it into the cape pattern. Our own Sarah Gustason brought the idea to life. In the upcoming months we will be focusing on using the unique and stunning Frond fabrics in different ways, from your closet to your home decorating, we have the answers for you.

Ask for this amazing collection from your nearest retailer.

Frond is… running with fabric

by Frond Design Studios

photo 3

Graduation and Market 2014 When the day that lies ahead of me…seems impossible to face…when someone else instead of me, always seems to know the way…THEN I LOOK AT YOU! And the world’s alright with me🙂 My oldest daughter Aubrey sent these Bill Withers lyrics to me when I was at Market. I used to […]

Getting Ready for Spring Market in Pittsburgh In The Whirlwind

by Frond Design Studios

Threadplaying with some DIY Frond Projects coming to Spring Market with the Bernina 830

Threadplaying with some DIY Frond Projects coming to Spring Market with the Bernina 830

My beautiful babies last weekend!

My beautiful babies last weekend!

Quilt Trends Summer 2014 Get yours today! Mary Patterson designed this quilt and Jo Ellen Carter quilted it- WOW!

Quilt Trends Summer 2014 Get yours today! Mary Patterson designed this quilt and Jo Ellen Carter quilted it- WOW!

It seems like when Spring Market rolls around there is always so much to manage. Proms, graduations and weddings all seem to pop up like the tulips and daffodils. Here to tease us for awhile and then gone in in a whirlwind.  My children tend to get a little more clingy knowing that I will be leaving. I’ll sit on my couch with my morning coffee while Liam stumbles down the stairs and jumps on my lap. I just sit for a minute as smell his hair trying to take keep that peace with me through my day. Then it is off to school and work . At Frond right now we are still reeling from our move. I haven’t been able to paint as much because my studio is still full of trade show props and our office is still displaced as we had to modify the existing office to accommodate our Frond needs instead of the cable company that was here prior.

In the midst of this we have had so much fun coming up with projects, patterns and kits to use with our fabulous fabrics. We have had so many people loving our fabrics and discovering us everyday. Frond is unconventional, sometimes change is hard for people as it has been for us. But there is an excitement in change too. There is this unsteady feeling, this possibility of discovering something new maybe even about ourselves.  This is what we try to do at Frond with our fabric designs, our quilt pattern designs and now our beautiful kits. Our team is amazing and we all have learned and journeyed together throughout this Frond building experience. I will say there are days when I wish it was easy. I am even bewildered sometimes that it isn’t. Each day is a climb for a small business.

So as part of my climb I am also painting with thread. Bernina was kind enough to let me learn their 830 machine. So I have gotten to “paint” in thread for some really cool projects we will be featuring at Market. I will be experimenting with other sewing machines from different vendors to see what is the best fit for us. But so far I am falling in love with that machine.  We have had a couple of sewing nights at the studio and that has been fun. Melissa Marie Collins has popped by to get funky with her thread throw down.  All in all using this form as an outlet to create was an unexpected joy.

I am going to go do some more threadwork. I will look forward to seeing you all at Market among the tulips and daffodils.

by Frond Design Studios

Seize the Day with Frond Design Studios!

Kits for this gorgeous new design are available now in sets of 6!

This amazing piece was created by Mary Patterson and designed by Deb Condit.

The line featured is called Carpe Diem by Melissa Collins.

E-mail for more information or individual orders! Be sure to click the photo for a link to our website where you can find numerous fine distributors, Frond’s wholesale information and more about our talented group of artists!

What Does Frond Do For You?

by Frond Design Studios

Is Frond your comfort? Your creative expression, your art? Your Superhero?
Goodbye, Cherry!
The New Year brings a cascade of change for families, couples and individuals. For Frond, our growth in 2013 has led to a workspace transition. We have gone from our charming studio in downtown Cedar Rapids to a warehouse outside of the city where there is substantially more breathing room to meet the needs of our creative team as well as the demands of our customers!
Moving our warehouse has been an emotional experience. Gathering all of our beautiful creations has forced me into mindfulness. To give pause and recognize just how many innovative people pour their heart and soul into what Frond stands for.
Frond represents true creativity and all the mess and chaos that daily life brings to it. There is no way to package it all up with a neat and tidy bow. In the chaos lies the most raw beauty, the reality.
Hearing from all of our customers as we made our transition goes to show that Frond  is formed by your creations and Frond’s place in your lives! I am so honored you make Frond a part of your life. This is for you!
…and I choose Superhero🙂
Super Frond

by Frond Design Studios

Madonna and Child

Another Frond creation at your fingertips! See Quilt Trends Winter 2014 issue for the stunning Madonna and Child by Mary Patterson.

Kitting info: Fabric to make the quilt top only (includes binding) is available for $49.99 (plus s&h within continental U.S.) from Fern Hill Gifts & Quilts in South Amana, IA, while supplies last. Phone (319) 622-3627 or see Click through for a direct link!

by Frond Design Studios

Fresh Off the Press

Keep up with Frond’s latest project ideas in these winter publications!

See Quilt-It Today, Issue 9 (January/February 2014).